21-Day CPR + First Aid Challenge: Starts May 1, 2020!

21-Day CPR + First Aid Challenge: Starts May 1, 2020!

Most people don't know...

Most people don't know how to relieve choking, control a major bleed, or use critical life-saving tools such as an Epipen, AED, or Tourniquet. And so, they limit their experiences, travel, and adventure or worse yet, when they encounter emergencies they feel frozen and unprepared. 

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to engage for just 10-15 minutes/day for 21 days to learn these and many other life-saving skills. Our signature system of self-directed videos, quizzes, and actions along with live online Skills Labs is the most convenient and effective way to learn these skills. 

In 21 days you will have the skills to prevent emergencies, and effectively respond to those that can not be prevented. Imagine setting off on adventures feeling relaxed, self-reliant, and ready for anything! 



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