Revivify Online Courses

Revivify Online Courses

Do you need to recertify your CPR or First Aid credential?
Want to learn how to take care of your fellow humans and even save lives?

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to learn or recertify CPR or First Aid from the convenience and comfort of your own home in a way that is fun, engaging, relevant, and memorable so that you can effectively respond to emergencies and possibly even save lives.

Our new collection of online courses, Revīvify, is going to take you from Mission to Mission Accomplished using The Wild Med Signature System which is the most effective, memorable, and painless method available to learn CPR and First Aid. To quote so many of our students, "This is not your typical CPR Course."

Upon registration, you will receive on-demand access to the core modules which can be finished all at once or done on your own time. We’ll dispatch the gear you need to practice and demonstrate your skills. When you are done with your training modules, you’ll join a live Skills Lab with your coach, put the learning into action, and ask any questions you have so you can get your certification and learn to save lives all from home in the engaging and practical style you have come to know and love

Our live online Skills Lab ensures that you receive the same exact certification card as if you took the course in-person.

Here’s what our Beta students are saying:

"This is hands down the highest quality CPR course I have taken. The format is convenient and effective. Nicole's delivery is excellent. She is enthusiastic, professional and responsive. She went the extra mile to accommodate our needs. And I didn't expect it to be so much fun! I highly recommend this course!"

"The course is well structured and the content is super clear. I really like Nicole's teaching style. She is clearly competent and passionate!"

"Excellent class for CPR And First Aid! Nicole is awesome and by far this has been the best CPR class I have truly had the pleasure of taking!" 

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