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About Us

Going outdoors is very important.

Research tells us that those who make good choices for nature also feel connected to nature. The best way to become connected to nature is to spend time in nature.

Our classes are designed to do just that – support humans in developing the skills and systems necessary to be able to spend time in nature and feel good (not anxious) about it. We acquaint our students with and prepare them for the risks inherent in spending time outdoors.

Nicole Roma Thurrell

Nicole Roma Thurrell, CTRS, NREMT
Chief Executive Officer
Nicole has degrees in Psychology and Recreation Therapy from the University of North Carolina. She has been an EMT since 2001. She worked in many aspects of wilderness therapy for nearly a decade - expedition leader, health director, director of admissions. In addition to the roles listed above, she has been an adventure racer, a raft guide, high ropes facilitator, a clinician for kids with Autism, a Waldorf high school teacher, and a mom. She is a passionate educator who loves turning people on to strategies for being more confident and comfortable in nature. She lives in a solar village in Greenfield, MA.


 Nancy Robbins, 
Workflow Wizard

Nancy loves to organize things with colored pencils and spreadsheets (Wild Med courses, students, curricula, biochemistry major data, blueberry orders, and dinner plans).  When she is not busy organizing things, she loves to take her three kids on ambitious adventures. 


Anthony Brogno

Anthony Brogno,

Anthony Brogno is an expedition leader and outdoor educator with thousands of hours logged guiding and teaching in remote areas of the world. His experience developing and leading programs range from guiding a crew of filmmakers on a four-month long adventure through the wilds of the Chilean Andes ( to facilitating classes and shorter trips for youth in collaboration with organizations such as Smith College, Amherst College, The Boys & Girls Club, The Young Marines, The Boy Scouts, University of the Wild, and homeschool groups.

Anthony incorporates and practices wilderness medicine principles with students in many programs, though his largest focus in program safety is prevention. This is why careful planning, awareness, and mindfulness are central to many of the programs that he teaches. He’s very excited to bring his experience to the WildMed team.


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